Who We Are

Welcome to Equilius Private Wealth. We are a specialist financial planning and money management firm for high net worth private clients, families and trustees, with offices in London and Hertfordshire.


Our firm is committed to meeting the unique needs of wealthy individuals who have assumed responsibility for their family's financial security and progress. We have a unique proposition that combines the essential professions for 'wealth' and 'legacy' strategy to help you navigate the increasing complexities of financial life.

Our Clients

Virtually all of our clients can point to exceptional achievements in their working lives. Having formally retired our clients prefer not to work for their money, and instead, decide to handover the massive task of looking after their 'wealth' and 'legacy' because they want to make the most of their life. They want to enjoy their time.

Clients' Say

Established in 2002, we have helped thousands of people achieve all sorts of things in their lives by harnessing the power of their money. We routinely offer public awareness events so our guests can truly understand what they can do with their money. We deliver smart 'wealth' and 'legacy' strategy. Click here for testimonials.

What We Offer

You'll need a Wealth Strategy to make the most of your life. Whether you wish to acquire more, protect more, spend more or give more away - we'll make a Wealth Strategy for you - to power you and your dreams.

Estate Preserver

It’s taken a lot of time and some luck to build your estate so it may be time to think of the next generation.

Our Estate Preserver service is for people wishing to restructure their 'wealth' to support lifestyle, provide for long term care and reduce inheritance tax.

If you were confident about the future, what would you preserve for family and when?

Retirement Taker

When you decide to call it a day the value of your savings will determine the quality of your life in retirement.

Our Retirement Taker service is for people wishing to confidently transform their 'wealth' so they are not left needing or wanting more, in later life.

If you could replace your income from work, how would you spend the rest of your time?

Portfolio Creator

By formalising the method of creating your investment portfolio you'll likely improve its potential for success.

Our Portfolio Creator service is for people wishing to carefully harness their 'wealth' in order to improve profitability with proper volatility risk control.

If you were comfortable with your investment risk, what return would you need for your life?

Legacy Protector

A 'High Street Will', despite being legally valid, simply cannot protect your legacy for chosen beneficiaries.

Our Legacy Protector service, delivered by sister company Beyond Wills Ltd, is for people wishing to protect their 'wealth' from Unwanted Claimants.

If you could calculate multi-generational legacy risk, who would you protect assets for?

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How We Do It

We believe that your Wealth Strategy will be as unique as you and therefore offer a proprietary approach to 'Integrate Wealth Strategy' when we start and for 'Wealth Strategy Progress' as we continue.
Integrate Wealth Strategy

3 Step Process with Key Milestones for Client Onboarding


We usually offer a free Gap Analysis Meeting to understand what you have, need and want - and if we can help - we will prepare a Wealth Outlook Report for further discussion.


We follow up with a Wealth Outlook Meeting to answer your questions and prioritise your actions. This often continues into relaxed Wealth Strategy Dialogue before integration.


We conclude by taking your instructions to get things done for your prioritised Financial Planning and Money Management actions. Legal drafting may be suggested if required.

Wealth Strategy Progress

2 Step Routine with Key Outcomes for Client Relationship


The first part is to check your Wealth Strategy in context of changes to your personal situation, financial position and planning objectives.


The next part is to focus your Wealth Strategy, course correcting as necessary, to advance your financial plan and investment portfolio.

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